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Civitron, By Illya King

Heroic Affiliation: The Real Life Superhero Project, World Wide Hero Organization, Superheroes Anonymous

Location: Secret City, Massachusetts

Civitron is a Real Life Superhero in from the Secret City. He is focused on charity work and community outreach. He evolved from patrolling back alleys to coordinating with other RLSH to do charity work and other efforts to improve the community.

Creation and conception

Civitron is based on Real Life Superhero persona of David Civitrese. Civitron is an “artistic representation of self, a father, family man, and creative director of socially-conscious events and projects." [1]

Publication History

Comic books and comic strips

Civitron first appeared in Naked Man Comics #2, as part of the team The Real Life Superhero Project. In issue #6, he and Chris Justice was one of the many heroes to participated in the Heroes vs. Villains wrestling match.


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