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Cletus, By Illya King

First Appearance: [ Naked Man Comics #9]

Villainous Affiliation: Squeaky Greasers

Location: Cherry City, United States

Cletus is a comical parody villain character featured in Naked Man Comics, NMC comics, and now Mythos Imprint.

Comic books and comic strips

Cletus first appeared in Naked Man Comics #9 as the leader of the Squeaky Greasers. He is the brother of Extremely Conservative Woman.

Fictional character biography

It was revealed that Extremely Conservative Woman grew up in Cherry City (a town south of Rose City). When Extremely Conservative Woman left Cherry City, Cletus was alone with their parents and their backward ways. Cletus turned to a life of crime. Cletus founded the clown-themed street gang, the Squeaky Greasers.