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Icarus, By Illya King

First Appearance: Naked Man Comics #5

Affiliations: The Alternates, The Bridge City Beta Males

Location: Cherry City, United States.

Icarus is the fictional sidekick of Antiman in the Naked-Verse.

A roleplayer decided one day to done some tights and fight crime. Icarus eventually formed a partnership with Antiman and the two have remained together ever since.

Creation and conception

Icarus is based off the real-life superhero, “The Blue Blaze/Icarus,” from The Real Adventures of Zetaman.[1]

Publication history

Comic books and comic strips

Icarus first appeared in Naked Man Comics #5. He and Antiman were having relationship issues and needed help from Dr. Lithium. Icarus also appeared in Naked Man Comics #7 as one of the singing heroes.

Icarus reappeared in the ending of the Bridge City Beta Males as the leader of the group.

Fictional character biography


Icarus is flamboyant and outgoing. However, he harbors a distrust and dislike of women. This dark side was revealed in Naked Man Comics #10.

Powers and abilities

Icarus is proficient in acrobatics and silk swinging. He also is proficient at fencing, which he has adapted to umbrella wielding.

Supporting characters


Icarus is best friends with Antiman. He is also on somewhat good terms with most of the heroes of Rose City. However, he hasn’t spent much time with other Cherry City heroes like Hazmat or The Reverend.


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