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Encyclopedia to all things Totally Naked Man and the Naked-Verse

Original cover of Naked Man Comics #1, printed through ComicPress

Naked Man Comics

Naked Man Comics is the name of a comic book anthology series published by Mythos Imprint. Naked Man Comics, created by Illya King features Totally Naked Man and characters within the Naked-Verse. It was first published under the indie comic label "Naked Man Comics". Naked Man Comics changed to NMC comics in 2015. The title became apart of Mythos Imprint in 2018.

In issue #5, the series expanded to showcase many characters from the Naked Verse.

In January 2016, A new webcomic series titles "Totally Naked Man" was launched on Mythos Imprint . This series focuses on Totally Naked Man. The Naked Blog moved from Naked Man Comics to Totally Naked Man. The webcomic series is mirrored on Tapas and Webtoons.


Holly Wood: Space Diva was a one-shot comic which expanded on the No Hope for Hollywood story from issue #3. Holly Wood is accidently transported to another planet and becomes involved in a galactic tug-a-war between two factions.

Zetaman: The Multiverse is another one-shot comic focused on Zetaman. The stories take place before the Naked Man Comic series, featuring Zetaman and The Alternates.

Shinsuke Takahashi takes place within the Naked-Verse. However, there is only a brief reference to a “Naked Hero.” No other references are made.

Totally Naked Man the Webcomic

Totally Naked Man the Webcomic is a webcomic series that primarily features Totally Naked Man. Although the webcomic series references the comics, the comics do not reference the webcomic.

A shorter version of the webcomics are published on, Webtoons, The Comix Scene.

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