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Prince Dan/Man-Man, By Illya King

First Appearance: Naked Man Comics #4

Heroic Affiliation: None

Location: The Planet Fabulon

Man-Man the Barbarian is a heroic adventurer in the Naked-Verse. When danger is afoot, Prince Dan transforms to Man-Man to fight evil.

Creation and conception

Man-Man is a parody of He-Man, from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.[1]

Publication history

Comic books and comic strips

Man-Man first appearance was in Naked Man Comics #4. Totally Naked Man and his friends are accidentally transported to Fabulon. There they meet Prince Dan. Dan offers the team a way to return home, with the help of Man-Man. The Earthlings deduce rather quickly that Prince Dan and Man-Man are the same. The group arrives at Skycloud Castle, the home of Hawk Witch. They are stopped by Turtletor and The Extreme Factor Five. After a quick battle, the heroes and villains return home to Earth.

Fictional character biography


Man-Man is clueless to the fact that everyone knows he is really Prince Dan. Prince Dan’s transforming process is simply changing his clothes while reciting “Gone, Gone, Prince Dan. Watch out evil, here comes Man-Man.” His mantra is a comic reference to the DC comics character, Etrigan the Demon.[2]

Powers and abilities

Man-Man has Olympic level strength and stamina. He has no extraordinary powers.

Supporting characters


Man-Man’s friends include Hawk Witch, Man-in-armor, and Dorko. These characters are also parodies of Masters of the Universe characters.


Man-Man’s primary nemesis is Turtletor, who is really The Yellow Skull.


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