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Pepper Gold, By Illya King

First Appearance: Naked Man Comics #2

Heroic Affiliation: The Superhero Squad of Superheroes Movement.

Location: Emerald City, United States

Leader of the Superhero Squad of Superhero Movement, Pepper Gold is the most famous Real-Life Superhero alive. Pepper Gold has made over 50 million arrests (by his own estimation) with proof of some them.

Creation and conception

Pepper Gold is a parody of the real-life superhero, “Phoenix Jones,” from Seattle, Washington[1].

Publication history

Comic books and comic strips

Pepper Gold first appeared in Naked Man Comics #2. Gold came to Rose City to find new members for this team. He tried to fight Universium but was tossed aside. Totally Naked Man stopped the giant, yet Gold took credit for it. He is referenced in articles on Rose Cityian/Rose City Live website.

Pepper Gold has a cameo in issue #5, as Zetaman recounts a story of his downfall with the RLSH community.

Fictional character biography

Pepper Gold began his crime fighting career when someone broke into his car. When no one helped out, he donned an abandoned Satanman masked, and chased after the criminal. Amazingly enough, he caught up with the thief. Since then, Pepper Gold patrols the mean streets of Emerald City so that no one will suffer the way he suffered every again.

Powers and abilities

Pepper Gold main offensive weapon is pepper spray. Although his suit is made of costume rubber, his has reinforced it with discount Level 1 bulletproof vests and strips of metal.

Supporting Characters

All heroes are considered sidekicks by Pepper Gold.


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