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Pie-Man, By Illya King

First Appearance: Naked Man Comics #1

Affiliations: The Bridge City Pizza Bandits, The Bridge City Beta Males

Location: South of Emerald City, United States.

Status: Deceased

Pie-man is a fictional character in the Naked-Verse. Pie-man hails from a city south of Emerald City. He frequently teams up with heroes and/or villains, depending on the amount of media attention each group is receiving.

A social outcast by nature, Pie-man stumbled upon The Real Life Superheroes online. Dedicating his persona to his favorite food, pizza, he joins in on this radical and quirky community of social misfits.

Creation and conception

Pie-man is a parody of a self-proclaimed Real Life Superhero, Skyman.[1]

Publication history

Comic books and comic strips

Pie-man first appeared in Naked Man Comics #1 as a member of The Bridge City Pizza Bandits. He also appeared in Naked Man Comics #2 to join Pepper Gold’s superhero team. In Naked Man Comics #3, he was featured in the one-page story, The Adventures of Pie-Man. In #4, he delivered a message about online bullying. In issue #5, Pie-man was one of the many heroes who turned his back on Zetaman. Naked Man Comics #6, Pie-man rejoined the villains against the heroes in a wrestling match. And in Issue #7, Pie-man had a featured story where he sang about his love of pizza.

Pie-man did not appear again until the Totally Naked Man the webcomic story, The Bridge City Beta Males. In Naked Man Comics #10, Pie-Man fell in a vat of hot cooking fat in an attempt to tackle Antiman. His body has yet to be recovered.

Fictional character biography


Pie-Man only loyalties lie in self-promotion. He frequently uses social media for attention. Pie-man vents all his issues online so that people will talk to him. He’s totally addicted to social network likes. Pie-man will flip-flop between heroes and villain if one or the other is receiving media attention. He and other portly characters have an extreme dislike of fit heroes and heroes who have integrity.

Supporting characters

Because Pie-man is either a hero or villain, depending on the weather, he has neither allies nor enemies.


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