Professor F'rd

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Professor F'rd, By Illya King

First Appearance: Holly Wood: Space Diva

Heroic Affiliation: The S'p'r Armada

Location: The Planet Sq'id

Professor F'rd relentously searches the galaxy for this life force of the lost warrior, H'ro.

Creation and Concept

F'rd, and all Sq'idians are based on the character Doctor Zoidberg, from Futurama [1].

Publication history

Comic books and comic strips

In Holly Wood: Space Diva, F'rd uses his transporting ray once again on Earth to find H'ro. However, he accidentally kidnaps Holly Wood. General T'rg tries to stop F'rd but he escapes to rescue Holly from her battle with the Queen of the Z'nus. F'rd makes an offer to Holly that he'll rebuild the transporter as long has she helps him recover gems and diamonds to power his experiments. Holly Wood accepts.

Fictional character biography

Professor F'rd is considered by the S'p'r government to be a scientific rogue. His past experiments in galactic transportation brough over many humans from Earth, including L. Ron Hubbard. When F'rd returned Hubbard, the earthling started a religion/cult based what he saw. F'rd has much regret over this.


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