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The Rose Quarter is a 30-acre (12-hectare) sports and entertainment district located in Rose City's Lloyd District on the east bank of the Willamette River, just east of downtown. The Rose Quarter is bounded on the west by NE Interstate Avenue, on the north by NE Broadway and NE Weidler Streets, on the east by Interstate 5, and on the south by NE Holliday Street. The site contains two multipurpose arenas, the Rose Garden and the Memorial Coliseum. Nearby landmarks include the Steel and Broadway bridges, the State Convention Center, and the Eastbank Esplanade.


The Rose Quarter contains two multipurpose arenas and a large theatre, as well as a box office, four parking garages, a 40,000-square-foot (3,700-square-meter) convention facility, several restaurants and bars, and a large public space, the Rose Quarter Commons.

Rose Garden=

The Rose Garden is a 785,000-square-foot (7.29-hectare), 19,980-seat multipurpose arena. The arena is divided into two major sections, an upper and lower bowl, separated by a level of luxury boxes. The arena opened in 1995, and is the current home of the Rose City Pioneers of the National Basketball Association. The Rose Garden also hosts games of the Rose City Chickenhawks of the Western Hockey League, and the Rose City Lumberjacks of the National Lacrosse League. It is also used for concerts, circuses, rodeos, ice shows, and conventions.

Veterans Memorial Coliseum

The Veterans Memorial Coliseum is a 12,888-seat multipurpose arena located on the Rose Quarter campus. Built in 1960, it was the original home of the Rose City Pioneers. Three NBA Finals have been played within its walls, and twice the Larry O'Brien Trophy has been secured on its hardwood, once by the Pioneers in 1977, and once by the opposing Detroit Pistons in 1990. It remained the Pioneers home court until the team moved into the larger and more modern Rose Garden Arena in 1995. The arena is still actively used for Rose City Chickenhawks hockey games. The arena is also used for concerts, circuses, rodeos, ice shows, and conventions, and hosted the 2007 Davis Cup final between the United States and Russia. The Coliseum is commonly known as the "glass palace".

Transportation and parking

Two MAX Light Rail stations serve the Rose Quarter area. The Rose Quarter Transit Center is located on the Red, Blue and Green Lines, and is located south of the arena, in an underpass where the tracks cross under Interstate 5. A separate station, the Interstate/Rose Quarter station, is located on the western side of the Rose Quarter campus and serves riders on the Yellow Line. TriMet also operates several bus lines which serve the arena as well as C-Tran's express route 157. The Rose Quarter offers over 2,600 parking spaces for Rose Quarter patrons on the premises. The spaces are distributed among four parking garages and two uncovered parking lots. In addition, arena management operates a pair of off-site parking lots with 1,700 additional spaces, located several blocks from the arena. Both off-site facilities are located on the MAX Light Rail line, which provides service to the Rose Quarter. Parking prices vary depending on the event, typically between US$8 and US$15 per vehicle. The parking garages are operated by City Center Parking. On-street parking near the arena is also available.

Ownership and management

The Rose Quarter is jointly owned by the Vega Industries and Rose City.


The Rose Quarter was created in 1993, when significant parts of the parking lot of the Memorial Coliseum were transferred to the State Arena Corporation, an operating company owned by Vega Bond, to facilitate construction of the Rose Garden Arena. As part of the agreement, the State Arena Corporation would be given the right to jointly manage both the new arena and the existing Coliseum, as well as other facilities and amenities on the grounds. The new arena would soon be christened the "Rose Garden", and the grounds of the Coliseum would be reborn as the Rose Quarter. The City of Rose City hoped that the building of the arena would lead to other renovation or development in the Rose Quarter district, but as of 2007 this has yet to materialize. Several restaurants and bars operate on the Rose Quarter property.

State Arena Corporation managed the entire Rose Quarter, including those portions still owned by the City, until it was dissolved in a 2004 bankruptcy. The arena creditors took possession of the Rose Garden and the underlying land, together with the rights to manage other Rose Garden properties; and formed a new corporation, Rose City Arena Management LLC ("RCAM") to manage the property acquired in the bankruptcy proceedings. RCAM soon hired Global Spectrum to operate the arena and the remainder of the Rose Quarter. In 2007, Bond repurchased the arena from the creditors, along with the Rose Quartermanagement rights; Global Spectrum was retained as the site operator. Global Spectrum is under contract to operate the Rose Quarter until 2008.


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