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Real Life Superheroes/Villains tend to form collectives to socialize and build superiority complexes. Here is a list of miscellaneous RLSH/RSLV teams in the Naked-Verse.

New York Hipster Initiative Avengers

New York Hipster Initiative Avengers- Founded by Z and Zimmer. An offshoot of the Zeroes Network and featured in the documentary "Superheroes"[1].

Squeaky Greasers

Clown themed gang, lead by Cletus. Based in Cherry City.

Creation and Concept

The Squeaky Greasers are based on Juggalos, fantatics of the music group the Insane Clown Posse. In real life, some fringe Juggalos have formed a criminal gang in Salem, Oregon.

The XXXXXXtreme Crime Stoppers

The XXXXXXtreme Crime Stoppers- founded by Mr. Extreme and based in Santos Tomas.

World Wide Hero Organization

The precursor to The Real Life Superhero Project. Team consisting of Chris Justice, Citizen Overdrive, and Civitron. Zetaman created The Alternates in opposition of the WWHO and the Zeroes Network.


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