The Bridge City Pizza Bandits

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The Bridge City Pizza Bandits, By Illya King.

First Appearance: Naked Man Comics #1

Location: Rose City, United States.

The Bride City Pizza Bandits are a team of fictional villains in the Naked-Verse. The characters first appeared in Naked Man Comics #1. The Bridge City Pizza Bandits are a team of internet thugs whose intent on robbing Rose City of every last slice of pizza. They are led by Shawn the Pizza Bandit and his girlfriend, Catherine the Waif. The group is comprised of overweight individuals who spend their free time online glorifying themselves.

After issue #6, the group disbanded. Some of the members created a new team called “The Bridge City Beta Males,” which is led by Antiman’s sidekick, Icarus.

Background and creation

The Bridge City Pizza Bandits were created by Illya King. They are parodies of blog writers and Facebook personalities Mr. King had encountered over the years.

Publication History

The Bridge City Pizza Bandits first appeared as a team in Naked Man Comics #1. One of the members, Pie-Man, became a long-standing minor character throughout the Naked Man Comics series. In issue #6, Shawn, Catherine, and Pie-man join Vega Bond in his war against the heroes of Rose City. In Drama of the gods, Pie-man joins The Victim and Icarus in a rebranding of the team called “The Bridge City Beta Males.”


Shawn the Pizza Bandit
Leader of the Pizza Bandits. He will not stop until he has eaten all the pizza.
Catherine the Waif
Girlfriend of Shawn. She harasses and swears at people online. Catherine also hates Social Justice Warriors.
Sometimes hero and sometimes a villain. His allegiance aligns with whichever group is receiving media attention.
Mullet Man/The Victim
Crummy waste of oxygen. Fancy himself an inventor but really pays people to be his friend. Also spends his time writing lewd stories for skeevy people. In Naked Man Comics #10, it was revealed that The Victim died under mysterious circumstances.
Dan the Sleaze
Internet creepoid who preys on desperate people. Dan hides a hidden secret that only his doctors and the CDC know about.
Zit faced inbred high school drop out and professional couch surfer.