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Location: Rose City, United States

The Alternates, and the New Alternates, is the team of heroes living in Rose City. The current members of the New Alternates are Zetaman, Totally Naked Man, Extremely Conservative Woman, and Antiman.

Creation and Concept

The Alternates is based on a team of real-life superheroes lead by Zetaman, A.K.A. Illya King. The Alternates were featured in the YouTube series, The Real Adventures of Zetaman [1].

Publication History

Comic books and comic strips

The trials and tribulations of The Alternates were outlined in Naked Man Comics #5. After issue #5, the team disbanded. In issue #10, the team reformed with Totally Naked Man and Extremely Conservative Woman. Their headquaters is in downtown Rose City on NW 3rd and Glisan at a MAX junction.

Former Members

The Black Knight- The Black Knight was one of the members until he ran afowl with the police.

The Dreamer- Mute member who left the team to pursue a better life.


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