The Black Knave

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The Black Knave, By Illya King

First Appearance: Naked Man Comics #3

Affiliation: The Alternates

Location: Emerald City, United States.

The Black Knave is a creepy wannabe lothario who follows the heroines and villainesses of the Naked-Verse. He was once the hero named “The Black Knight” until his dark side became revealed and he was arrested by Emerald City police officers.

Creation and conception

The character is based on real-life superhero “The Black Knight” who was featured on The Real Adventures of Zetaman.[1]

Publication history

Comic books and comic strips

The Black Knave first appeared in Naked Man Comics #3. He was following Extremely Conservative Woman with the intention of kidnapping her for his evil clone army. He left with a robotic female version of himself. In Naked Man Comics #5, Zetaman revealed that The Black Knave was once a part of The Alternates until he was arrested by the police.

In Naked Man Comics #6, The Black Knave is seen with the office of Dr. Lithium talking about his issues. He retired his persona after the hero vs. villain wrestling match.

Fictional character biography


The Black Knave has some serious hang-ups/expectations about women. He believes he is on a quest to find his “twin-flame” and that twin-flame exists in the superhero community. He also fancies himself a ladies man, even though most women with self-esteem find him repulsive.

Powers and abilities The Black Knave believes he has psychic powers. This has not been proven.


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