The Butler

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The Butler, By Illya King

First Appearance: Naked Man Comics #2

Location: Rose City, United States

Creation and concept

The Butler is based on the DC Comics character, Alfred Pennyworth [1]

Publication History

Comic books and comic strips

The Butler appeared in Naked Man Comics #2. He delivered to Totally Naked Man an invitation to join the Superhero Squad of Superheroes Movement. In [ Naked Man Comics #3, he is alarmed by Totally Naked Man working on a suit of armor.

The Butler had his own story line in the webcomic story, The Naked Tumbler. The Butler was asked to wash Totally Naked Man's new Satanmobile.

Fictional character biography

When Totally Naked Man's parents mysteriously vanished, The Butler was left to raise the abandoned the billionaire child.


The Butler greatly disapproves of Totally Naked Man's heroic activities and his lack of clothes.


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