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Tolkian, By Illya King

First Apperance: Tolkian the Warrior Angel]

Villianous Affiliation: Cult of the Angels, Zeroes Network

Location: Jersey Town, USA

Tolkian is the self-proclaimed leader of all Real Life Superheroes. In truth, he rides his BMX bike through the small town streets of Jersey Town in search of cigarettes and beef jerky.

Creation and conception

Tolkian is a parody of a self-proclaimed Real Life Superhero, Tothian a.k.a. Eric Toth.

Publication history

Comic books and comic strips

Tolkian appeared in a one-page bonus comic called "Tolkian the Warrior Agent." Illya King stopped using this character after learning about Mr. Toth's domestic abuse of his ex-girlfriend.

Fictional character biography

Tolkian claims to be the first RLSH at age 5, patrolling with a plastic lightsaber. He was forced to join the Marines Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps at a young age. Tolkian skews this as actual military service. After watching some comic book movies, Tolkian decided to revolutionize/change the concept of Real-Life Superheroes because Tolkian believes comic books are dumb.

Tolkian believes he is the greatest real-life superhero ever. Tolkian believes it is his destiny to rid the world of the Anti-Christ. The identity of the Anti-Christ changes over the years. The Anti-Christ was first his JROTC drill sergeant he nicknamed "Chocolate Thunder." The next Anti-Christ was Barak Obama. There is a disturbing trend in Tolkian idea of who the Anti-Christ is.