The Yellow Skull

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The Yellow Skull, By Illya King

First Appearance: Totally Naked Man Red and Blue

Villainous Affiliation: None

Location: Rose City, United States.

The Yellow Skull is a villain featured in Naked Man Comics. Frustrated graphic design teacher, Jay Grumblebutt, strikes back at society as the villainous Yellow Skull. Armed with a handgun and fueled by McBuggies double burgers, The Yellow Skull is the most dangerous of all villains.

Creation and conception

The Yellow Skull was created by Illya King. The character was originally conceived as a nerdy Gundum obsessed villain named Geoff. The character changed to a skull hooded villain in Totally Naked Man Red and Blue.


The color scheme for The Yellow Skull is based on Skeletor, from Masters of the Universe.[1]

Publication history

Comic books and comic strips

The Yellow Skull appeared in the webcomic, Totally Naked Man Red and Blue, in May 2012. The prequel was released at the same time as Naked Man Comics #1. The Skull’s secret identity, Jay Grumblebutt, had a cameo in Issue #1 as the man who flooded a toilet. In Naked Man Comics #4, The Yellow Skull assumed the identity of Turtletor to combat Man-Man the Barbarian.

The Yellow Skull had cameos in Issue #5 and #6. In Naked Man Comics #9, The Yellow Skull robs Paterson’s and fights Totally Naked Man with a pot of honey. The Yellow Skull is also the antagonist in Totally Naked Man the Coloring Book.

Fictional character biography

Powers and abilities The Yellow Skull’s offensive and defensive power is his handgun.

Supporting characters


The Yellow Skull is not allied with any villainous group. He occasionally will team up with other villains.


The Yellow Skull’s main adversary is Totally Naked Man. He also dislikes Zetaman due to creative differences (Zetaman had one of Skull’s YouTube videos banned for copy write infringement).


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