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Vega Bond, By Illya King

First Appearance: Naked Man Comics #3

Villainous Affiliation: None

Location: Rose City, United States.

Vega Bond is a fictional underground crime boss featured in the Naked-Verse. Vega Bond runs most of the illegal operations as well as the entertainment enterprises in Rose City. No one knows who Vega Bond is nor where he comes from.

The only revealing trait of Vega Bond is that he is British.

Creation and conception

Vega Bond’s name is a parody of James Bond[1].; rather the cadence of how Vega introduces himself. The character evolved to be a foil for all the heroes in Rose City.


Vega Bond secretive identity is somewhat inspired by the Inspector Gadget character, Dr. Claw.[2]. However, Bond is more clever and nefarious than the cartoon character. His personality is closer to the James Bond character, Ernst Blofeld.[3]

Publication history

Comic books and comic strips

Vega Bond first appeared in Naked Man Comics #3. Bond kidnaps Holly Wood in an attempt to extort money from Totally Naked Man. Bond next appears in Naked Man Comics #6 as the mastermind behind the villains vs. heroes wrestling match. In Issue #7, Vega Bond sings about his disgust over Totally Naked Man’s popularity. In Issue #8, Vega Bond is revealed as the backer of the Opossum’s plan to control the minds of the citizens of Rose City.

In the prequel story, When Zeta met Null, Vega Bond hires Agent Null to stop Zetaman.

Fictional character biography


Vega Bond’s primary nemesis is Totally Naked Man. However, Vega Bond is against all the heroes of Rose City.


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