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Founded by Tolkian the warrior angel, The Zeroes Network is where all Real Life Superheroes go when they are rejected by every other group. Tolkian prowls the internet to find new RLSH to join his group via his forum. Unbeknownst to new members, the forum serves as a recruitment tool to find new members to join the Cult of the Angels.


The Zeroes Network communicates through free forums and social networks behind private accounts. Although the members believe this provides security, their account information are stored by third-party companies.


The Zeroes Network was created in response to RLSH collectives forming online. RLSH, like the The Black Knight, were rejected from heroic groups due to their harmful behavior towards women. These people formed a new social circle under the leadership of Tolkian. They then proactively search the internet for new RLSH to join their ranks.

At one point, the Zeroes Network was the largest collection of RLSH online.

Leadership Elections

To take advantage of the forum's presidential elections, Zetaman and Chris Justice joined and ran for leadership. They wanted to reform The Zeroes Network and end the Cult of the Angels. Zimmer and Nyx won the election and became the new leaders of the forum. Tolkian grew frustrated by the reforms and destroyed the forum. He deleted many threads and banned many members.'


Disgusted with the RLSHorg's partnership with the "Butt-Kick" movie, Z and Zimmer took over the Zeroes Network. Upon discovering the vile nature of the group, they formed a new group called the New York Hipster Initiative Avengers.

Current Status

The Zeroes Network is inactive. Only a few hardcore Cult of the Angel Members remain active.