Aqua Gato

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Aqua Gato, By Illya King

First Appearance: Naked Man Comics #6

Heroic Affiliation: Universal Wrestling Association

Location: The Seven Seas, Earth

Creation and Concept


Aqua Gato inspired by Mexican Professional Wrestling, Lucha Libre.

Publication History

Comic books and comic strips

Aqua Gato first appeared in Naked Man Comics #6 as a member of the heroes wrestling team. Aqua Gato also appeared in Shinsuke Takahashi as a wrestler/backstage enforcer.

Fictional character biography

Aqua Gato is one of the wrestlers of the Universal Wrestling Association, along with The A-Salt-Er. The UWA settles world wide disputes via wrestling matches. Sometimes these wrestling matches are choreographed coded messages. Other times they are negoitations. Aqua Gato is currently the heavyweight champion.

Aqua Gato says very little. He rather let his fist do his talking for him.

Supporting Characters


Aqua Gato's main enemy is The A-Salt-Er. However, as a hero wrestler, he is enemies with all villainous wrestlers.