Baron Metabox

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Baron Metabox, By Illya King

First Apperance: Naked Man Comics #4 (Bonus Story)

Villainous Affiliation: None

Location: Rose City, United States

Status: Deceased (2067)

Baron Metabox challenges heroes on an intellectual level rather than with fisticuffs. He prefers to debate his oppponents online. Baron Metabox continues his soliloquy about the evils of heroes at Director Park. It will end in the year 2067

Creation and conception

Baron Metabox is a parody/homage to internet personaility, Lord Malignance [1]

Publication history

Comic books and comic strips

Baron Metabox only apperance was in the two-page story Chris Justice Vs. Baron Metabox, featuring Chris Justice.


  1. Malignance, Lord. Metacosmos, Lord Malignance. 2014