Extremely Conservative Woman

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First Appearance: Triple Comics

Heroic Affiliation: The New Alternates

Location: Vantucky, United States.

Extremely Conservative Woman is the enema of justice to the dark crime ridden bowels of Rose City. Gathering random clothes found in the back of her closet, Extremely Conservative Woman leaps across the skyline in pursuit of criminals flooding the streets with their criminal acts using her trusty lasso of flexibility.

Creation and conception

Extremely Conservative Woman was created as a disapproving foe for Totally Naked Man in Triple Comics. However, over the years, the character has been revised to be Totally Naked Man’s crime fighting partner. In direct opposite to Totally Naked Man’s revealing physique, Extremely Conservative Woman wears a sweater with tights and a cape.

Publication history

In Triple Comics, Totally Naked Man runs a fowl with a monstrous alien with evil intentions in New York City. The defeat of the alien is watched by Extremely Conservative Woman (who disapproves of a naked superhero). The story was revised in two more ashcan comics titled “Cheap Tales of Muscle Bound Heroes” in 1998. Extremely Conservative Woman hadn’t been featured on the release of NMC Comics first publication, Naked Man Comics #1.

Extremely Conservative Woman has been featured in 7 of the 9 issues of Naked Man Comics. she also starred in the Totally Naked Man the Webcomic story, Drama of the Gods.

Fictional character biography


Extremely Conservative Woman acts as a moral barometer for Totally Naked Man’s innovative yet radical methods. Despite the wackiness of her fellow heroes, Extremely Conservative Woman is dedicated to being there when her friends. Extremely Conservative Woman is quick to anger and doesn’t tolerate fools and idiots.

In Naked Man Comics #9, it was revealed that ECW grew up in Cherry City (a town south of Rose City). She has a brother named Cletus. When ECW left Cherry City, Cletus was along with their parents and their backward ways. Cletus turned to a life of crime. Cletus founded the clown themed street gang, the Squeaky Greasers.

Powers and abilities

Extremely Conservative Woman trains in the combat defense system known as Krav Maga.

Supporting characters

Extremely Conservative Woman is friendly to most superheroes, however, her only superhero friend is Totally Naked Man. Most of the other superheroes, ECW finds ridiculous.