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Holly Wood, By Illya King

First Appearance: Naked Man Comics #3

From: Rose City, United States.

Currently: The Planet Sq’id

Holly Wood is a wealth-obsessed self-proclaimed diva that is abducted by aliens by accident. Holly is brought into the conflict between The S’p’r Armada and their enemies, The Z’nu empire.

Creation and Concept

Holly Wood was drafted as a one-line joke for a story in Naked Man Comics #3. The character became the main protagonist in the spin-off title, “Holly Wood: Space Diva.”


The aliens in Holly Wood is inspired by the cartoon series, Futurama. The Sq’id aliens, in particular, are based on the character, Zoidberg. The Z’nu aliens were inspired by the Scientology religious figure, Xenu. In Space Diva, General T’rg makes reference to L. Ron Hubbard being kidnapped and spawning the religion when returned to Earth.

Publication History

Holly Wood debuted in Naked Man Comics #3. The underground criminal boss, Vega Bond, kidnaps Holly Wood in a plan to trap Totally Naked Man. However, the plan backfires when a mysterious beam transports Holly to another planet.

In Holly Wood: Space Diva, it is revealed that Professor F'rd has been kidnapping humans in an attempt to rescue the lost soldier, H’ro. In Naked Man Comics #2, the spirit of H’ro was transported into the body of a power lifter/wrestler/actor, Dale Pople. F'rd uses a device to create Quantum Tunnels.

In an attempt to retrieve a stolen transporter to return home, Holly Wood learns that diamonds and jewels are fuel for spacecraft. She remains with the S’p’r army to gather as much wealth as possible and return to Earth financially independent.

Fictional character biography

Holly Wood as purposely named Holly by her parents. She was originally one of the staff members at the Rose City Museum of Art who attempted to romance Totally Naked Man for his vast wealth.


Holly is a self-proclaimed diva who has no time for nonsense. She is not bothered by the predicament of being lost in space but annoyed by the fact.

Powers and abilities

Holly is not a superhuman. She is extremely proficient in Zumba, the Latin American dance and fitness aerobic exercise. In the Naked-Verse, humans are extremely adaptable in space. Her skeletal structure and physical fitness are much more durable than the soft-shelled S’p’r aliens and the soft tissued Z’nu aliens.

Supporting Characters


Holly Wood has aligned herself with Professor F’rd, mainly to duping him into proving rare stones and a way to return to Earth. General T’rg reluctantly allows Holly Wood to stay due to her combat abilities.


The Queen of the Znus is Holly Wood’s main antagonist. Holly destroyed her battleship.