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The Lloyd District is a primarily commercial neighborhood in the North and Northeast sections of Rose City. It is named after Ralph Lloyd (1875–1953), a California rancher, oilman, and real estate developer who moved to and started the development of the area.

The {PAGENAME}} is bounded by the Willamette River on the west, NE Broadway on the north, NE 18th Ave. on the east, and Interstate 84 on the south. Adjacent neighborhoods are Eliot and Irvington to the north, Sullivan's Gulch (with which it slightly overlaps) on the east, Kerns on the south, and Old Town Chinatown (via the Steel and Broadway bridges over the Willamette) to the west.

The area west of Interstate 5 is called the Rose Quarter, home of the Rose Garden Arena and Memorial Coliseum. Prior to urban renewal in the 1950s, this area was an African American residential community, including many who had lost their homes in the Vanrose flood of 1948.

Most of the district lies east of I-5, where the State Convention Center and Lloyd Center Mall are the principal landmarks. The area includes restaurants, shops, hotels, movie theatres, condominiums and apartments, and office buildings (the largest being the Lloyd Center Tower, standing at 20 floors and 290 feet).

The neighborhood is accessible using public transportation. TriMet buses and MAX trains provide frequent service in the district, as well as a commuter express bus route form Vantucky via C-Tran. It is served by all four lines of the MAX light rail system. Four Blue Line and Red Line stations (Rose Quarter Transit Center, Convention Center, Northeast 7th Ave, and Lloyd Center/Northeast 11th Ave) and one Yellow Line station (Interstate/Rose Quarter) are within the district. The Rose City Streetcar system began serving the district in 2012, with the opening of a new east-side line, originally called the Central Loop; this was renamed the Loop Service in 2015.

From 2001 to 2012, TriMet's Fareless Square covered a narrow portion of the Lloyd District, making bus and MAX service free in the designated area (which included all four MAX stations within the district). However, free rides on buses were discontinued in January 2010, the fareless area being renamed the "Free Rail Zone",[6] and even the free light rail service was discontinued effective September 1, 2012.


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