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List of minor characters featured in the Naked-Verse

Shawn the Pizza Bandit
Leader of the Pizza Bandits. He will not stop until he has eaten all the pizza.
The Dad
Dude with a lot of bratty kids. Appeared in [https://nakedmancomics.com/ics/naked-and-the-city/totally-angry/ Naked Man Comics #1
Sometimes hero and sometimes a villain. His allegiance aligns with whichever group is receiving media attention.
Mullet Man/The Victim
Crummy waste of oxygen. Fancy himself an inventor but really pays people to be his friend. Also spends his time writing lewd stories for skeevy people. In Naked Man Comics #10, it was revealed that The Victim died under mysterious circumstances.
Dan the Sleaze
Internet creepoid who preys on desperate people. Dan hides a hidden secret that only his doctors and the CDC know about.
Zit faced inbred high school drop out and professional couch surfer.