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List of minor characters featured in the Naked-Verse


Sidekick of Man-Man. Based on Illya King's pet cat, Bazooka. First appeared in Naked Man Comics #4.
Captain Black
Captain Black (B.L.A.C.K. = "Brotherhood-Loyalty-Ability-Courage-Kindness") is a Real-Life Superhero operating out of New Orleans, Louisiana.
Double Dee
Two brothers merged to form one hero. Created for a fundraiser.
Silent eco-hero of Emerald City. A former member of The Alternates.
Servant hero of Pepper Gold. Midnight is a Real-Life Superhero in Emerald City. Midnight was the #1 suspect in over 50 robberies and had over 100 drug charges. He was tried for none of them. He quit his life of crime because it "Didn't feel right".
Ms. Max the Mighty Marvel
Hero of Maywood Park. Ms. Max is also a Yoga Instructor.
Parachute Girl
Partner to Parachute Man. Has a custom PikaPik backpack for a parachute.
Parachute Man
Hero from Vantucky. Obsessed with wearing parachutes.
Silver Sentinel
RLSH from Albany, New York.


Evil Gnomes Small green hench-people of Turtletor.
The Roach From the Internet. The Roach constantly harrasses Zetaman by slashing his tires.


Cat Woman
Older Rose City woman who has a collection of cats. Appeared in Naked Man Comics #1.
Old Lady
A long-time resident of Rose City who is fixated on pennies. Appeared in Naked Man Comics #1.
Pizza Chef
Full Time Cook at Old Town Pizza. First appeared in Naked Man Comics #1.
Terry Taylor
Director of the Rose City Art Museum and Al Fresco's boss. First appeared in Naked Man Comics #1.
The Dad
Dude with a lot of bratty kids. Appeared in Naked Man Comics #1.

Cosmic Beings

Share Bear
All powerful being. Based on the toy line Care Bears. First appeared in Naked Man Comics #4. The Share Bear turned into a stuff toy upon arriving on Earth.