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[[File:MrSilent.jpg|right|Mr. Silent, by Illya King]]
'''Heroic Affiliation:''' Justice Society of Justice
'''Heroic Affiliation:''' Justice Society of Justice

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Mr. Silent, by Illya King

Heroic Affiliation: Justice Society of Justice

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Mr. Silent was a Real Life Superhero in Indianapolis. He, along with his parnter Doktor DiscorD, were the forerunners to the RLSH Community. He was active from 2004 to 2008.

I roam the streets of the city looking for those in distress or danger and I do my best to help them. If those in need of help are being mugged or hurt in anyway, then you can be assured that I will do something about it. One may ask, how I can call myself a superhero when I can't fly or run at Mach 3. The answer is simple. I am idealistically super. I see what, in my opinion, needs changed in society and I work towards that goal. I can't say if I will ever fight an army of giant robots or a criminal master mind, I just don't know. What I do know, however, is that I will fight injustice in whatever form it takes.- Mr. Silent [1]

Creation and conception[edit]

Mr. Silent is based on Real Life Superhero, Mr. Silent. [2]

Publication history[edit]

Comic books and comic strips[edit]

Mr. Silent first appeared in Naked Man Comics #5. He, along with Superbarrio and Dark Guardian, inspired Zetaman to be a RLSH.


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