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Ninja Hero-X, By Illya King

First Appearance: The Choice

Heroic Affiliation: The XXXXXXtreme Crime Stoppers

Location: Santo Tomas, United States

Ninja Hero-X is one of many heroes of Earth Nu. In Earth Nu, Naked Man Comics and Totally Naked Man is a comic book series. However, many heroes from Nu are also on Earth Alpha.

Ninja Hero-X is a critic of Illya King and his comic book series.

Creation and conception

Ninja Hero-X is a parody of Real Life Superhero, Urban Avenger[1]

Publication history

Comic books and comic strips

Ninja Hero-X appeared in bouns stories. He has yet to appear in Naked Man Comics and Totally Naked Man the Webcomic.

Fictional character biography


Although considered a "hero", Ninja Hero-X spends most of his time criticizing others, specifically the New York Hipster Initiative Avengers.


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