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Superhero and The Siamese Cat, By Illya King

First Appearance: Naked Man Comics #2

Heroic Affiliation: The Real Life Superhero Project, Team Justice

Location: Clearwater, Florida

Professional wrestler turned costumed hero, Superhero protects the streets of Clearwater, Florida. The charater is owned and created by Dale Pople and was used with permission.

Creation and conception

Superhero is based on the real-life persona of Dale Pople, "Superhero" [1]. Pople wrestled under the pseudonym Superhero. This alias extended to charity work and citizen crime fighting. Mr. Pople also created a TV pilot called "The Siamese Cat" which featured himself as the famous Superhero, who outshines The Siamese Cat [2]. Pople owns all rights to Superhero and The Siamese Cat.

Publication history

Comic books and comic strips

Superhero first appeared in issue #2 as part of the group of heroes invited to join the Superhero Squad of Superheroes Movement. In Naked Man Comics #8, Superhero and The Siamese Cat travel to Rose City and stop their arch-enemy, The Opossum.

Fictional character biography

A mysterous energy beam from space merged with a local wrestler from Florida. Combine they became Superhero the Superhero. It is hinted in Holly Wood: Space Diva that the energy is the life force of lost S'p'r warrior, H'ro.


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