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Designation Nickname Alternate Name of Portland Description
Alpha-Icon.jpg The Naked-Verse Rose City Home to Totally Naked Man and friends. The only universe that features Totally Naked Man.
Gamma-Icon.jpg Broken Universe Portland Zetaman and The Alternates failed against the alien invasion
Delta-Icon.jpg Wilderness Boston Thomas Jefferson’s dream of a two-nation North America came to fruition. Zetaman patrols a major city in Cascadia.
Epsilon.jpg Dark Stumptown All heroes are villains. Zetaman runs an underground criminal organization in Stumptown.
Zeta.jpg Ultimate Portland Home to Ultimate Zetaman and super-powered heroes.
Theta.jpg Supernatural Bridge City The Bridge City Cat investigates weird and supernatural mysteries.
Nu-Icon.jpg Snarky Portland Totally Naked Man is a comic book series. Many heroes exist on Nu including Ninja-Hero X and Pie-Man.
Omicron.jpg Analog Portland Super powered heroes protect the earth from danger. The most powerful is Hero, the man of titanium.
Psi.jpg Dream Molochville The “basement” of the multiverse.
Omega-Icon.jpg Chaos None Portland is destroyed during a crisis. Home of the last survivor of the previous universe, The Destroyer. Referenced in Zetaman: The Mulitverse, Earth Omega was destroyed and reborn in a cosmic cataclysm. The cataclysm birthed the 24 universes within the Naked-Verse Multiverse thread. Zetaman of Earth Zeta attempted to breach the walls of Omega but The Destroyer stopped the breach. Universe Omega is one of the few universes characters cannot traverse to.