The Multiverse

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Designation Nickname Alternate Name of Portland Description
Alpha-Icon.jpg The Naked-Verse Rose City Home to Totally Naked Man and friends. The only universe that features Totally Naked Man.
Gamma-Icon.jpg Broken Universe Portland Zetaman and The Alternates failed against the alien invasion
Delta-Icon.jpg Wilderness Boston Thomas Jefferson’s dream of a two-nation North America came to fruition. Zetaman patrols a major city in Cascadia.
Epsilon.jpg Dark Stumptown All heroes are villains. Zetaman runs an underground criminal organization in Stumptown.
Zeta.jpg Ultimate Portland Home to Ultimate Zetaman and super-powered heroes.
Theta.jpg Supernatural Bridge City The Bridge City Cat investigates weird and supernatural mysteries.
Nu-Icon.jpg Snarky Portland Totally Naked Man is a comic book series. Many heroes exist on Nu including Ninja-Hero X and Pie-Man.
Omicron.jpg Analog Portland Super powered heroes protect the earth from danger. The most powerful is Hero, the man of titanium.
Psi.jpg Dream Molochville The “basement” of the multiverse.
Omega-Icon.jpg Chaos None Portland is destroyed during a crisis. Home of the last survivor of the previous universe.