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Encyclopedia to all things Totally Naked Man and the Naked-Verse

Original cover of Naked Man Comics #1, printed through ComicPress

Naked Man Comics

Naked Man Comics is the name of a comic book anthology series currently published by Mythos Imprint. Naked Man Comics, created by Illya King features Totally Naked Man and characters within the Naked-Verse. It was first published under the indie comic label "Naked Man Comics". Naked Man Comics changed to NMC comics in 2015 before finally transfering to Mythos Imprint.

In issue #5, the series expanded to showcase many characters from the Naked Verse.


Holly Wood: Space Diva was a one-shot comic which expanded on the No Hope for Hollywood story from issue #3. Holly Wood is accidently transported to another planet and becomes involved in a galactic tug-a-war between two factions.

Zetaman: The Multiverse is another one-shot comic focused on Zetaman. The stories take place before the Naked Man Comic series, featuring Zetaman and The Alternates.

Shinsuke Takahashi takes place within the Naked-Verse. However, there is only a brief reference to a “Naked Hero.” No other references are made.

Totally Naked Man the Webcomic

Totally Naked Man the Webcomic is a webcomic series that primarily features Totally Naked Man. Although the webcomic series references the comics, the comics do not reference the webcomic.

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