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Totally Naked Man, By Illya King

Real Name: Alzheimer Fresco

First Appearance: Triple Comics

Heroic Affiliation: The New Alternates

Location: Rose City, United States

Totally Naked Man is a comical parody hero character featured in Naked Man Comics, NMC comics, and now Mythos Imprint. The character was created by Illya King in 1996.

Totally Naked Man’s origin has yet to be revealed. He (as alter-ego Alzheimer Fresco) is a multi-millionaire from Rose City who lives with his butler. Al Fresco’s day job is the mail person for the Rose City Museum of Art, although he frequently is tardy due to his extra-curricular hero activities.

Like his name states, Totally Naked Man is totally naked. His friends and allies are disturbed by his lack of clothing but over time have learned to ignore this. His nudity is commented on and ridiculed by villains and citizens of the city.

Creation and conception

Illya King enrolled in a comics class taught by Michael Obre (Big Bang Comics)[1], a Connecticut based illustrator. As part of his education, King volunteered his time assisting with Obre’s Park and Rec comics class for Newtown Elementary. One of the students had trouble creating a character for the class, so King came up with a non-character: a superhero without an outfit. King then dabbled with the character off and on in a couple of self-printed Ashcan comics featuring Totally Naked Man. In 2012, King decided to publish the character under the titled “Naked Man Comics.”


Totally Naked Man facial features is a parody of Golden Age superheroes, specifically Captain Marvel. His hair was inspired by the Jim Carrey character, Ace Ventura.

Publication history

Comic books and comic strips

Totally Naked Man was first published in a self-published ashcan comic titled “Triple Comics.” A year later, he starred in another ashcan comic titled “Cheap Tales of Muscle Bound Heroes.” 14 years later, Totally Naked Man starred in the indie comic series, Naked Man Comics by Illya King (under the indie comic label, Naked Man Comics, and later NMC comics).

Totally Naked Man is in his own webcomics series at under the Mythos Imprint banner.

In 2015, Naked Man Comics 1-8 was collected in a trade paperback titled “Naked and The City.”[2]

Fictional character biography

Orphaned at a young age, Alzheimer Fresco grew in intellect and physical stature until one day he heard the call to justice. Fresco, knowing that justice is blind, chose the most fearsome visages that scare all criminals… that of a Naked Man. With an inheritance of billions, Alzheimer Fresco wages war against the criminals of Rose City as Totally Naked Man.

To keep his eyes on Rose City, Fresco chose a mild manner job as a mail person for the Rose City Museum of Art. As an investor in local infrastructure, Fresco has access to the Light Rail system’s Fare Booths, which double as internet portals for the hero. In the Drama of the Gods story, Totally Naked Man spent some time with forest mystics in the Blue Mountains. There he learned how to summon the Horseless Horse.


Totally Naked Man is completely oblivious to the fact that his lack of costume is an issue. Totally Naked Man is also a brave and kind-hearted hero with a strong sense of justice and morality. He gives criminals a chance to stop their actions before forcibly stopping them. Totally Naked Man tends to give his allies and friends lectures on right and wrong. He also has a tendency to sing while on patrol.

In Extreme Factor Five, it is revealed that Totally Naked Man is prejudice against mutants. It is his belief that mutants are the cause of Rose City’s water and sewer issues.

Powers and abilities

Totally Naked Man is at the peak of physical condition. He is a brawler and not skilled in any form of martial arts. Extremely Conservative Woman, who is proficient in the martial arts Krav Maga, can easily defeat Totally Naked Man.

Totally Naked Man has several cars, including a prop car from the movie “Satanman Begins”, which is his fleet of “Naked Mobiles.” Most of the vehicles are either electric-powered cars or hybrids to reduce his carbon imprint.

Totally Naked Man is a passive environmentalist.

Supporting characters


Totally Naked Man has a wide range of allies and friends in Rose City. Extremely Conservative Woman has been his friend the longest since they both started their crime-fighting careers around the same time.


Totally Naked Man oldest nemesis is The Yellow Skull. Vega Bond, the underground crime boss, is a constant thorn in Totally Naked Man’s side. He is the sworn enemy of The Bridge City Pizza Bandits and The Extreme Factor Five.

Other Aliases

In Naked Man Comics #6, Totally Naked Man assumed the identity of The Android to participate in the Heroes vs. Villains wresting match. No one has taken over the role of The Android yet.

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