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Zetaman, by Illya King

First Appearance: The Superhero Squad of Superheroes Movement

Heroic Affiliation: The Alternates

Location: Rose City, United States

Zetaman is a costumed hero featured in comics by Illya King. Zetaman is a veteran costumed crusader in Rose City and member of The Real Life Superhero Project. He is also the creator of the Rose City team of heroes, The Alternates.

Creation and conception Zetaman is a parody of the Real Life Superhero individual “Zetaman.” Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag

Zetaman retired in 2011, however, Illya King (Zetaman’s alias), used the concept as a superhero in Naked Man Comics. Since issue #2, the character is one of the main supporting cast members of Totally Naked Man

Publication history

Comic books and comic strips

Zetaman first appeared in Naked Man Comics #2 to apply for Pepper Gold’s squad of superheroes. He next appeared as part of the battle against The Extreme Factor Five in issue #4.

In Naked Man Comics #5, Zetaman’s history is fleshed out. He created the first superhero team in Rose City. Due to personality conflicts and drama, the team broke up several times. In Issue #6, Zetaman is one of the heroes who take part in the Hero vs. Villain wrestling match. In issue #7, Zetaman is one of the heroes who sings along with Totally Naked Man in Rose City.

Zetaman’s history is further expanded upon in Zetaman: The Multiverse. The Zetaman in Rose City is one of many Zetamen that exist within a multiverse of 24. Zetaman doesn’t reappear until The Drama of the Gods storyline as one of the heroes trying to convince Totally Naked Man to wear clothes.

An 8-page story, written by Tracy Hudson, is a comic account of the meeting between Zetaman and Agent Null titled “When Zeta met Null.”

Fictional character biography

Zetaman did a lot of net surfing before coming across the concept of Real Life Superheroes. Inspired by RLSH such as Mr. Silent and Chris Justice, Zetaman created an identity called The Cat. This alias ended in failure and the police cracked down on the masked cat man. He rechristens himself “Zetaman” and patrolled the streets of Rose City


Zetaman is sort of grumpy and a worry wart. He also tends to invite a lot of drama in his life, naming feuding online with villains and other heroes. Zetaman tries to find the good in people, which tend to make him a target to be taken advantage of. Zetaman also knows almost everything about the secret areas of Rose City, including hidden layers of characters like Antiman and Oatmeal.

Ultimate Zetaman

The Zetaman from Earth Zeta= He is a gravity powered hero.

Other Versions

In Zetaman: The Multiverse, several versions of Zetaman were introduced. Zetaman of Earth Gamma was a hero captured by aliens and turned into a bizarre cyborg.

Powers and abilities

Zetaman is proficient in CPR. He also trains in Aikido.

Supporting characters


Zetaman has strong ties with Antiman. He frequently teams up with Antiman to assist in cases. Zetaman, as the elder superhero of the city, hangs out with the latest batch of RLSH like Totally Naked Man and Extremely Conservative Woman. Before he retired, Agent Null was Zetaman’s sidekick.

Zetaman is also best friends with Chris Justice, Civitron, and most of The Real Life Superhero Project members.


Zetaman mortal enemies are other RLSH such as The Green Pilgrim and Tolkian. Most of the online hero and villain communities are at odds with the hero. [The Roach]] is another one of Zetaman’s foes. He consistantly slashes the tires of Zetaman's car.


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